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THIS WEEKS UPDATE (Commencing 08/15/2022)

Medicare Creditable Coverage Notices!

As a service to our clients, each year we remind you of the Creditable Coverage notification requirements for Medicare eligible employees required by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS). Plan sponsors whose plans provide prescription drug coverage to Medicare-eligible active employees and dependents, as well as Medicare-eligible retirees and dependents, are required to disclose both to their Medicare-eligible plan members and to CMS, whether their plans qualify as "Creditable Coverage" or "Non-Creditable" coverage. Creditable Coverage is defined by CMS as prescription drug coverage with an actuarial value equal to or exceeding the value of standard Medicare Part D coverage.


This proactive service is an example of our commitment to our clients in their efforts to be compliant with regulations. If you are uncertain which notice applies to your benefit plan offerings, please reach out to your Benefit Consultant!

Model Creditable Coverage Notice               Model Non-Creditable Coverage Notice



With Medicare Open Enrollment (October 15 - December 7) just around the corner, are potential retirees bombarding you with questions that you don't have the answers to??

  • How does my employer plan work together with Medicare?

  • When should I enroll?

  • What are the penalties associated with enrollment mistakes?


That's where the Strategic team can help! By offering an onsite educational program, your employees will gain the confidence they need to make informed decisions about individual health coverage options, whether they are planning to retire, continue to work, or simply need more information for a loved one nearing Medicare eligibility.


"Planning for Medicare" will help your employees understand health care options outside of employer-sponsored coverage while providing access to a Medicare Specialist and giving the opportunity for one-on-one meetings to discuss specific questions and concerns. 

As your benefits advisor, we already have a comprehensive view of your company's benefit offerings. Our Medicare Specialists are able to use this information to match your seasoned employees' needs with the right benefits from the right source, whether that be the group coverage or a Medicare plan.


And the best part - this program and specialist access are available at no cost to you or your employees!

To learn more about this please contact our office, 513-366-3700,

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