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MIKE BOWERSOX, Benefit Analyst

Fun Facts About Mike:

  • My earliest memory is tossing the football and hitting Nerf balls with my Dad at 3 or 4; and visiting the zoo with my mom.

  • As a kid, I liked to make up games with my brother and sister, play wiffleball, Nerf baseball, Super Nintendo.  I also watched an unhealthy amount of Nickelodeon shows.

  • Pet peeve is chewing noises especially at movies, passive aggressiveness, and egotism.

  • I love to play any form of baseball, basketball, tennis (poorly played), hiking, frolicking around with my dog Charlotte. I have attempted to learn to play golf each year, but have given up out of frustration.

  • I would die without my Audible app on my phone.

  • My food weakness is all desserts!

  • Favorite sport or pastime to watch or play is baseball.

  • My walk-up song would be "Frolic" by Luciano Michelini. Its the Curb Your Enthusiasm Theme Song.

  • If I won the lottery, I would travel all over the world, give a bunch of money to family and friends, purchase a minority ownership share of a Major League Baseball team, and then find worthy causes for the rest.

  • You should also know that I speak parseltongue and my patronus is a stag, just like Harry Potter.

  • I love my job because of all the great people I work with and the opportunity to help people navigate an often-times frustrating industry.

Call Me: 513.366.3703

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